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Marketing Strategy and Growth

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  • Country Canada
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  • Company ChefHero
  • Title VP Marketing
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A Little About Me

I’ve got a personal track record of success and leadership that I’m proud of. I’m perhaps more proud of the team building, personal and professional growth and success I’ve helped foster in the teams I’ve led and organizations I’ve been a part of.

I take an analytical approach to marketing that includes iterative A/B testing and taking a wider view on the typical funnel model. I’m a confident and creative marketer and an excellent communicator across all levels of the business.

Where I Excel

Growth Hacking
Acquisition Acceleration
Team Leadership
Marketing Strategy
Multi-Channel Marketing
Website Analytics

Work Experience

2017 - PRESENT


VP Marketing

2017 - PRESENT


Management Consultant

Advising Marketing Group’s management, including strategies for setting annual goals, performance metrics, budget requirements, and team priorities.

Advising and consulting on refining and re-establishing a brands platform, product positioning, and messaging strategy, including “voice” and visual design marketing.

Advising on the development and management of “go-to-market” plans for new products and features and on-site targeted and season product promotions.

Advising on ways of structuring multivariate testing plans that optimize pricing and packaging and improve on-site conversion.

Advising on the development of social media-centric marketing strategies.

2016 - 2017


VP Marketing

Lead, mentor and grow our performance of marketing team.

Manage external service providers and interfaces (incl. negotiations, briefings and reviews).

Develop, analyze and optimize our national performance marketing campaigns across all channels to hit customer acquisition goals within defined ROI targets (e.g. direct sales, referrals, lead generation, gift cards, etc.)

Develop channel-specific reporting and setup our KPI framework.

Collaborate with functional groups across the company to deliver an awesome product.

Recommend new platforms, technologies and agencies to help manage, optimize and scale our native advertising campaigns.

Be responsible for researching and launching new direct response digital channels to drive customer
acquisition growth.

2016 - PRESENT



PUSHR was founded in 2016 in the hopes of providing fun, ultra-comfy, and affordable cycling kits to riders.

As an avid road cyclist, I’ve spent my fair share on kits and always hoped to design and launch my own. With over 20 kits in my closet, you could say I've done the market research. With that in mind, I’ve designed practical kits with a twist to mix things up a bit.

2014 - 2016


Management Consultant

Advising Animoto’s Product Marketing executive team, including setting annual goals, performance metrics, budget requirements, and team priorities;

Advising on the development and management of “go-to-market” plans for new products and features and on-site targeted and season product promotions;

Advising on ways of structuring multivariate testing plans that optimize pricing and packaging and improve on-site conversion;

Advising on the creation of new product marketing content for web and mobile, including in-depth visualization and demonstrations of product features, galleries of video styles/themes, targeted use-case content for customer verticals, and example videos that demonstrate features and use-cases;

2012 - 2014


Director of Marketing

Launched brand in Q1 2012. By end of Q2 2014, gained more than 70,000 accounts with over 110,000 active devices, growing by 20% quarter over quarter.

Acquired $7M+ in quarterly billed revenue, growing by 25% quarter over quarter.

2008 - 2014


Management Consultant

Provided consultation on marketing strategies encompassing branding, content management systems, website design, E-commerce development and project management.

2011 - 2013


Director of Marketing

Grew customer base by 35% in three years (46,000 net new customers).

Doubled Hover revenue in three years ($4.7M to $10.7M).

2008 - 2010


Manager, eCommerce

Effectively managed a multi-skilled website team, including front-end Web Developers, Senior Graphic Designers and Online Marketing Coordinators.

Increased website sales by 19% YoY after 2+ years of flat sales growth.

Redesigned, rebranded, and launched new E-commerce site within 6 months.

2008 - 2010


Marketing Manager

Managed a multi-tiered online E-commerce website re-launch that increased website sales and traffic by 150% in the first 6 months.

Implemented online marketing and SEO strategies that increased global awareness and


  • I've known Sean for a couple of years now. We've worked closely on several large projects, and I always appreciate his marketing smarts, entrepreneurial spirit and the amount of focus he brings to every project he touches. Sean has a deep understanding of what drives consumer behaviour, and his enthusiasm for a project is always tempered with significant planning and research, which means it's rare to find him spending time on a project that won't return value. I would trust him to deliver on any project he takes on.

    Ben Lucier Director, Customer Service - Ting & Hover
  • Sean is a force of nature. He was a huge part of our remarkable growth on both Hover and Ting during his time at Tucows. He is hungrier for success than anyone I have ever worked with and has the leadership, project management, imagination, problem solving, adaptability, productivity, confidence, humility, technical skill and sheer determination to achieve it

    Michael Goldstein VP, Sales & Marketing, Ting (Tucows)
  • I'm always impressed with Sean's no fear approach, his ability to manage multiple projects at once and his get it done attitude. His entrepreneurial spirit and ability to see the bigger picture make him an excellent marketing strategist. He's a strong leader, a "team player" and an all-around good guy too, which certainly doesn't hurt matters.

    Andrew Moore-Crispin Director of Content at Ting
  • When I took over the marketing department at Umbra, I recognized that Sean was a huge asset from the start. He is an incredibly self motivated individual who is constantly educating himself on current best practices in the digital marketing space. He taught me more than I mentored for him!

    Kaela Forker President, Chief Merchandising Officer

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